The Great Zornio!

Working from twenty pages of notes, I'm going to try to reconstruct Peter Zornio's 90 minute technology update presentation at HUG this morning. It was like having a firehose shoved in your mouth and turned on full blast...yet I think he was concise, understandable, and clear, from the moment of his over-the-top entrance in a bright red Mini convertible. "Amazing things come in small packages...and you thought I meant the car," the diminutive Zornio began. Zornio is director product marketing at Honeywell, and it was his function to run (almost literally) breathless through the technology Honeywell is presenting to its users at this meeting. The agenda he presented was: Why PKS? The technology roadmap overview How do I get there? New innovation areas How do I find out more? and if you were still with him, a summary. "Our total proposition to you," he announced, "is to improve your business performance and your peace of mind." Zornio said the way to do this was to provide better technology, better delivery, and complete lifecycle support. "Just making a DCS is not enough," he opined. Therefore, the Experion PKS (process knowledge system) is a scaleable business platform that includes a DCS, but is more than a DCS system. Stealing the four quadrant box from Boston Consulting, Honeywell has developed the X-logo, for Experion, to show how they can connect and support Process, Business, Assets and People.