The Road to Integration

MES and ERP integration guru Dennis Brandl writes, "What would you call IT integration projects that had under a 50% success rate, took more than two years on average, and rarely ever meet the original requirements?" book coverBrandl was writing in the Foreword to The Road to Integration: a Guide to Applying the IS-95 Standard in Manufacturing by Bianca Scholten, who is the founder of Ordina's ISA-95/MES best practices website.Brandl continues, "The term 'failure' would be my top choice, yet this was the state of the art in ERP-to-shop-floor integration projects prior to the use of the ISA-95 Enterprise/Control System Integration standard and B2MML, the WBF Business To Manufacturing Markup Language."Bianca Scholten's book is a very clear roadmap to implementing the standard in manufcturing settings. If you want your MES and ERP integration projects to work, and get you promoted, you need to read Bianca Scholten's book. Not only do you need to read it, but you need to apply its lessons carefully and thoughtfully in your enterprise. I recommend this book highly.