Transmedia Storytelling #pauto #marketing #isamktsales

Here's a quote from a blog post I read this morning:

(From Repman Blog ( : 

Transmedia storytelling looks at storytelling strategically, asking which types of media will make the most impact with the target audience(s). It eschews a one-size-fits-all approach, and breaks a story into “episodes” that can be communicated in various ways: via video, on Twitter, in inforgraphics…and even in print....  

I find this fascinating, both for its immediate impact on how magazines and associated websites should be organized and run, but also for its implications on PR and marketing communications, and general marketing theory as well.

In 2004, I wrote, "Control is an information delivery vehicle, dedicated to providing our readers the actionable information they want in all the ways they need and want to receive it."

Maybe it is time we actually delivered on that promise.

Just sayin'

And if you do marketing, think about what this means for how you communicate with your customers, your stakeholders and your generalized community.