We don't abandon anything...why institutional knowledge is really needed

Here we are, in the age of information, where everything is digitized, and moves at the speed of light, and we are forcibly reminded that not only are older generations of controllers and hardware still in use, but they are still being made, and still being updated, because there are still very valid uses for them in our oh-so-very-modern plants. From Jerry Moon at Emerson Process Management, this release: EMERSON INTRODUCES NEW "ENERGY-RESPONSIBLE" FISHER® C1 SERIES CONTROLLERS AND TRANSMITTERS Innovative design improves control reliability and safety while saving up to $1400 of gas annually per controller application MARSHALLTOWN, IOWA (January 22, 2008) -The new Fisher® C1 pneumatic controller from Emerson is an "energy-responsible" choice for oil and gas operations.  It can decrease the amount of pressurized air or natural gas lost to the atmosphere with its low consumption.  A green label and green Bourdon tube symbolize the C1's energy and economics benefits. Lost energy is lost revenue.  By identifying and replacing a high-consumption device with the C1, you will see increased profits from additional gas sales.  You can save 1 to 5 thousand cubic meters of methane per year--$350 to $1400 according to the U.S. Natural Gas STAR program.  These savings pay back the cost of the replacement within 3 to 8 months. The C1 continues the strong reputation of the Fisher 4150 and 4160 Series pneumatic controllers by being robust and reliable for increased operating uptime.  The C1 succeeds this industry-recognized Series. Most importantly, the C1 has a new, patented proportional band adjustment assembly to replace the three-way valve.  This innovative feature provides even more reliable control and increased safety.  Materials are available for applications handling sour process fluids.  These constructions comply with the metallurgical requirements of NACE MR0175-2002.  Environmental restrictions may apply. The C1 compares sensed process pressure to an operator adjusted set point, and sends a pneumatic signal to the adjacent control element that maintains the set point value.  Available models include proportional only, proportional-plus-reset, differential gap, and transmitter. For additional information on the C1 Series contact an Emerson Process Management sales office and request brochure part no. D351455X012.