Whew! And Zornio ain't done yet!

Zornio segued into the wireless world, describing Honeywell's commitment to the "wireless worker." Honeywell has been investing heavily in wireless, including the XYR5200 wireless transmitter system, and is a significant participant in WINA and ISA SP100 standards committees. This is all going to point out that Honeywell is trying to help you solve a bigger problem. Honeywell has embraced the movement to what I call Third Order justifications for automation systems. First order, and one that many companies are still stuck on, is "Wow, looky this cool watch, wanna know how to build it?" Second order is, "Now that you know how to build a watch, we want to teach you how to tell time." Third Order thinking is, "What are the benefits of being on time, and the downside of being late." There is even a Fourth Order coming down the pike...it isn't enough to be on time, you also have to, in the words of an American general, "Git thar fustest with the mostest." That's how you win. Zornio introduced Profit Suite R220, with embedded early event detection that works with Honeywell's Multivariable Control algorithms to predict upset events before they are allowed to happen. Profit Suite is now tightly integrated into Experion, and it makes the entire suite of MVC utilities look like the rest of the platform. He noted that "the biggest problem with APC (Advanced Process Control -- ed.) is that you have to maintain the gains earned by installing the system in the first place." Profit Expert is designed for monitoring and maintenace management using APC techniques, and is "remote services enabled." Now, in a few days, you'll be able to see what the state of the art on remote servers is, because that is the cover story of the June issue of CONTROL... Zornio went on detailing the features of the Profit Suite upgrade.