Wurldtech joins ISCI

From the release... Wurldtech Security Technologies, a leading provider of cyber-security solutions to SCADA, process-control and critical infrastructure industries worldwide, is proud to announce it has become a Technical Member of the ISA Security Compliance Institute, an organization of industrial technology vendors and end-users dedicated to establishing specifications and processes for testing and certifying control systems products.   The ISA Security Compliance Institute is a globally recognized body that is working toward establishing the ISASecure designation which identifies and promotes security compliant products and systems in the industrial automation industry.  As a Technical Member of the ISA Security Compliance Institute, Wurldtech'sâ„¢ participation is a natural extension of the company's Achillesâ„¢ Certification program, which was launched in 2007 by the world's largest industry stakeholders to provide a benchmark for the development and deployment of secure industrial control systems.   "Wurldtech shares in the ISA Security Compliance Institute's vision of a global standard and is very pleased to work alongside other industry leaders to shape the future of the industrial automation industry," said Tyler Williams, President and CEO of Wurldtechâ„¢ Security Technologies. "Our top priority is to facilitate industry-wide adoption of standards to protect mission-critical systems and to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the world's critical infrastructures.  As such, we look forward to contributing our expertise in the form of our people, process and technology, and taking an active role in establishing best practices for industrial cyber-security standards and certification."   This collaborative effort by ISA Security Compliance Institute member organizations will promote the integration of disparate security practices into a single, open framework by establishing the ISASecure designation. Compliant products will be entitled to carry the ISASecure designation, which provides instant recognition of the product's security characteristics to asset owners and integrators when making procurement decisions.   "As an internationally-recognized leader in industrial cyber-security and a trusted advisor to many of our member organizations, we are very excited to welcome Wurldtech into the ISA Security Compliance Institute as a Technical Member," said Andre Ristaino, Managing Director, ISA Security Compliance Institute.  "Their unique domain expertise, leading technologies and industry stewardship will provide great value to the ISA Security Compliance Institute and our efforts to secure process control systems and products around the world."