Yokogawa Establishes IA Global Marketing Center, Appoints Maurice Wilkins VP

As promised, here's the text of the press release announcing the latest marketing move by Yokogawa. This complements the move several years ago of Yokogawa Electric International from Japan to Singapore. It is likely to be Chairman Isao Uchida's crowning achievement as longtime leader of Yokogawa that he has pushed, pulled, prodded, cajoled and forced Yokogawa to become a truly global company, rather than a Japanese company that sells stuff outside Japan. I don't think the enormity of this achievement, which rivals the same effort by Toyota, has been recognized by either the business press or the automation industry.

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has announced the establishment of a new Industrial Automation (IA) GlobalMarketingCenter in Dallas, Texas, effective January 2008.   Dr. Maurice Wilkins, formerly of ARC Advisory Group, will lead the group as Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Yokogawa IA Global Marketing.


"The mission of the new center is to advance Yokogawa Industrial Automation into a recognized global technology leader," said David Johnson, President & CEO, Yokogawa Corporation of America. "This will be done through the identification of industry trends and the development of innovative solutions for global issues by leveraging the advanced technology and talent available in North America. Innovated ideas will be the key to establishing a leadership position."


Yokogawa will work with key user companies, standards organizations, industry associations, internal subject matter experts and Yokogawa's United States Development Center (USDC) to strengthen its presence in the region. The Center will focus on business outside of Japan.


"We are very excited that Maurice is joining Yokogawa," said Nobuaki Konishi, Head of IA Global Marketing based in Tokyo.  "He is a well respected figure in the Industrial Automation industry, and he brings a wealth of experience and credibility to our newly established GlobalMarketingCenter."


Wilkins' previous employment includes Esso Chemical UK, Honeywell USA & Europe, and Millenium Specialty Chemicals.  Wilkins is also currently serving as the Chairman of WBF (formerly World Batch Forum). Wilkins will report to Konishi.