Let's Get Started

Here we go, the most challenging of all steps is the first one so I will start safe (baby steps concept) by sharing with you the topics I hope to cover in this blog:

I intend to have the column focus on networks (including IP based ones), fieldbuses, wireless, and anything have to do with the field level devices (including process analysers). I will also likely touch on Asset Management and related materials as well. VERY broad – as long as it has to do with getting reliable measurements from the field to the Control system.

As you can see this covers a broad spectrum and of course since it is a blog I actively encourage feedback as well as suggestions for topics we can discuss. This does not mean that I will accept everyone's input (bandwidth limitations and such) but we will strive to make this a useful place to exchange ideas and I will also strive to put something up every work day.

So as the Black Eyed Peas sang not so many years ago - Let' Get It Started. - Ian