Nivis Changes Industrial Wireless Game

Nivis, announced that they are now providing the source code for their ISA100.11a and WirelessHART software platforms which will certainly encourage the development of products of both protocols. Reading the press release further of which I have passed the relevant part below, it appears the business model they plan to follow is a combination of the one used by many Linux providers, such as Red Hat.

“Nivis will utilize a hybrid model, in which the core software is freely available, with Nivis selling a complete suite of supporting services and hardware, which will include: Software Maintenance, Professional Services - Consulting and Support, ATEX Zone 2 Gateways (VersaRouter 900), OEM Gateway Modules (VersaRouter 800), Radio Modules (VersaNode 210, 220, 310), Hardware Reference Designs, Development Kits, Handheld Provisioning Tools, and Network Simulation Devices”

Of course the above software still requires the approved hardware to operate properly and as you can see from the above, Nivis will be pleased to sell you that and the above listed services as well. Despite this, moving to this model WILL increase the adoption of wireless field networks which also increasing access for the number of people able to assist in its advancement. Smart move on the part of Nivis and I will expand on this further in a future “Without Wires” column in Control magazine.