Learn MES/MOM Methodology in Certificate Course

Good Day All,
I am teaching the MES/MOM Methodology Certificate of Competency (CoC) Program as part of the MESA Global Education Program (GEP):

CoC 15-18 May 2012
P&G Gillette Company
One Gillette Park
Boston, MA United States 02127-1096
Here is the link to the web site to register.
The short URL: http://www.mesa.org/educationprogram.
The course abstracts are on the website under programs.
Please recommend MESA GEP event to your coworkers. This has been 6 years in the making. Over 300 certificated students are high satisfied in 2011.

As an Authorized MESA GEP Instructor, I have taught this 4-day Methodology Overview 8 times and do it well. The course evaluations have a score 3.6 out of 4 in all 9 courses now. It has high value to even experienced MES/MOM pros. Executives to developers walk out highly satisfied.
MESA MES/MOM Methodologies Program: MESA Certificate of Competency (CoC, 4 Days)

This MESA CoC Program is a comprehensive program of MES/MOM Methodologies courses in a 4-Day Curriculum for MES/MOM Consultants, System Analysts, Architects, Programmers and Project Managers.

CoC Program Courses
1. Overview: Manufacturing Operations Models and Integration Standards (3 hours)
2. The Role of MES/MOM System in Continuous Improvement and the Collaborative Pull Supply Chain (2 hours)
3. Manufacturing Transformation Strategy: Maturity and Roadmap Modeling(3 hour)
4. Metric Framework for Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI): Aligning Financial and Operations Metrics (4 hours)
5. MES/MOM System Justification and ROI Assessment (4 hours)
6. MES/MOM SOW, RFP and Product Evaluation Method (4 hours)
7. Manufacturing 2.0 Architecture Overview (SOA for Manufacturing) (4 hours)
8. MES/MOM Implementation and Governance: MES/MOM System Requirement Specifications, GAMP and Industrial System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Methods (4 hours)
9. MES/MOM Project Management Techniques (4 hours)
Much of the training materials is derived from the MESA/ISA-95 Best Practices Working Group’s 20 Methodology Papers and the MESA Guidebooks. Below is the NEW book out this Month.
Title: When Worlds Collide in Manufacturing Operations: ISA-95 Best Practices Book 2.0
Chapter 1: SOA for Manufacturing Overview
Chapter 2: Data Architecture for MOM: The Manufacturing Master Data Approach
Chapter 3: Building a Manufacturing Transformation Strategy with ISA-95 Methods
Chapter 4: Work Process Management for Adaptive Manufacturing
Chapter 5: B2MML, Integration Patterns and Data Mapping
Chapter 6: Integration of Manufacturing Intelligence with MOM
Chapter 7: Lifecycle of Service Creation using the ISA-95 MOM
The SME Instructor (me) for MESA GEP CoC in Boston is the:
• Chair of the ISA-95 Best Practices Working Group and
•  Author of, When Worlds Collide in Manufacturing Operations: ISA-95 Best Practices Book 2.0, which was just awarded in September the “Thomas G. Fisher Award of Excellence for a Standards-Based Reference Publication” as the best new standards-based book of 2011 which is presented annually by the ISA. A large portion of the content of the MESA Global Education Program is derived from Book 2.0.
ISA Quote: “Charlie Gifford’s book is a significant contribution used by automation and IT professionals around the world. We are as proud of his accomplishment and thank him for his hard work.”