Smart Manufacturing Jobs Pay and Pay Well

The New Hampshire Center for Public Policy Studies reports that as of 2009, there were over 3,700 smart manufacturing/high technology (SMHT) companies in New Hampshire, employing almost 80,000 people, and paying an average wage of more than $1,200 per week. The report also says that wages and benefits paid by SMHT companies in the state increased from $3.7 billion in 1990 to $6.4 billion in 2009, even as the number of manufacturing jobs in New Hampshire declined (from 109,000 in 1990 to 80,000 in 2009).

The higher-skill, higher-wage jobs created by the manufacturing sector are also having a strong economic impact. With a weekly wage estimated at 40 percent higher than the typical weekly wage, every 100 jobs created in this sector has a multiplier effect of 138 jobs throughout the rest of the state economy.

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