2017 ICS Cyber Security Conference

The 17th ICS Cyber Security Conference will be held the week of October 23rd in Atlanta, GA (www.icscybersecurityconference.com). This is the only conference where end-users discuss actual ICS cyber incidents (this year is no exception). The Conference has a history of first-of-a- kind discussions: EMI-RFI impacts affecting ICSs including shutting down SCADA systems and blowing up a pipeline; Stuxnet impacts on Siemens controllers, the hacking of a US electric SCADA system, details of Aurora including a demonstration of hacking the Aurora hardware mitigation device, loss of view and control of a turbine, demonstration of damaging power supplies, and this year a focus on process sensor issues as there is a lack of secure, authenticated process sensors. The lack of secure, authenticated Level 0,1 devices is requiring a reassessment of ICS cyber security and process safety standards. More details can be found at the Conference website.

Joe Weiss