Chattinn Cyber With Marsh’s Marc Schein Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

“Chattinn Cyber” with Marsh McLennan Agency’s Marc Schein: Critical infrastructure cybersecurity

May 18, 2023
The Chattinn Cyber podcast featured Joe Weiss in the episode "The Challenges to Cybersecurity in Critical Control Systems with Joe Weiss."

Marc Schein is the National Co-Chair Cyber Center of Excellence for Marsh McLennan Agency. Marc has spoken before members of Congress and leaders in the Aviation Industry on Capitol Hill regarding the issues and costs of cyber breaches, and how to properly transfer risk to ensure that an organization or business is properly protected from what might otherwise be financially devastating recovery costs.

Chattinn Cyber with Marc Schein is a podcast that focuses on how companies can quantify and qualify the cost of a data breach. Chattinn Cyber features some of the most well-respected privacy and cyber experts in the world. Marc interviews business leaders, government agencies and cyber risk experts to learn more about how and why they got into cyber risk and to explore the rapidly changing threat of this landscape that affects us all domestically as well as abroad.

Marc interviewed me about critical infrastructure cybersecurity in “The Challenges To Cybersecurity In Critical Control Systems With Joe Weiss.”

Marc’s highlights

“The general rule is that these big control systems are 1980’s, 1990’s technology that have been, in a funny sense, upgraded. But they've been starting with a very, very insecure base.”

“To a sensor controller in real time, this thing is happening in milliseconds, it's 100% trust. What's worse, these devices are built in backdoors, directly to the internet. So everything you're trying to say not to do on the network side is exactly what's in this most critical of all of our critical devices.”


[01:53] Joe’s journey into cybersecurity

[04:10] Everything is about data and data processing.

[05:52] The engineers and the network people don’t get along.

[09:04] Calibrating the sensors

[10:39] Zero trust is 100% trust