Cyber security and interoperability concerns with Smart Grid standards

NIST submitted five IEC Smart Grid security and interoperability standards to FERC for rulemaking. The following observations can be made:
- No IEEE, ISA, or even NIST standards were provided to FERC.
- Each of the five IEC standards has existing interoperability concerns. For example, two vendors can both conform to the standards and yet neither be interoperable with the other- that is not “plug and play”.
- Standards extensively used throughout North America (eg, DNP-3) were not included but standards extensively used throughout Europe were included (eg, IEC-61850).
- Each of the five standards has cyber security issues. According to FERC Commissioner Philip Moeller, a number of Smart Grid stakeholders are expressing concern that cyber security aspects of the five sets of interoperability standards under review at FERC may not be “robust” enough.
- At least two Smart Grid power systems IEEE standards did not address cyber security.
- Last week on the NERC Control Systems Security Working Group (CSSWG) call, it was noted there are cyber security efforts on-going with NERC and Smart Grid with minimal coordination.

These issues and observations raise the following questions:
- What needs to be done with the NIST process to ensure the appropriate standards are provided for the rulemaking process?
- What needs to be done to ensure that interoperability standards actually result in interoperable systems?
- What needs to be done to ensure that cyber security standards actually secure systems from end-to-end?
- What needs to be done to ensure appropriate standards coordination is being provided?
Joe Weiss


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  • <p> The UCA2 protocol (IEC-61850) is an amalgam of ideas, concepts, objects, and yes, there is a protocol in there somewhere as well.  It is used in North America, but not as much as DNP.  </p> <p> The UCA2 stuff promises to use IEC-62351 standard for secure authentication, but it hasn't been implemented yet. Good Luck with that.  DNP, on the other hand, has a viable implementation and it is on the market now.   </p> <p> What's that old saying about a bird in hand is worth two in the bush? Apparently not if you're in Smart Grid... </p>


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