Help us with an article for the April Control magazine on Cyber Security

From Walt Boyes and Nancy Bartels:

We are preparing a story for the April issue of Control on the subject of SCADA security, and we would very much like your contribution to this story. Below is the focus of the story:

When you’re talking about cyber security in the process industries, there are really only two issues that matter.

The first, rather obviously, is how much security you need to be really secure. The second issue isn’t all that obvious, but in many ways defines the first and it isn’t one that people are really thinking about. What’s the difference between "compliance" and "security"?

To help us with this story, we would appreciate your answer to these two questions. If you could email us your replies by March 4, we would be grateful. They don't have to be long answers--just a paragraph or two is plenty.

Please SEND your answer to

Thanks in advance for your help.