ISA POWID presentation on the ExxonMobil advanced controls initiative

The ExxonMobil Open Group advanced controls initiative through The Open Group’s Open Process Automation Forum has some of the largest process controls companies in the world and their vendors participating. However, as of yet, no power utilities. Considering the power industry is the third largest user of process controls, it is important the power industry participate in the development of the requirements for these next generation process control systems. Consequently, June 28, 2017, Don Bartusiak, Chief Process Controls Engineer from ExxonMobil and myself gave a presentation at the ISA Power Industry Division (POWID) Conference in Cleveland. The intent of the presentation was to explain the rationale for the initiative that would hopefully stir power industry interest and stimulate potential participation. As mentioned, because of the power industry’s size in the market, it is important to get power industry participation so that specific power industry (including nuclear plant needs) can be incorporated in the requirements specification. An additional benefit to the initiative is to break the silos between industries and share the process controls expertise of the oil/gas and chemical industries with the power industry. The presentation was well-received with many questions including questions concerning nuclear plants, including safety systems, and also the benefits for vendors. 

February 28, 2017, Don Bartusiak and I did a webinar on this subject. The link can be found at

Joe Weiss