Yet another win for Wurldtech-- HIMA becomes the 13th vendor to use Achilles

Wurldtech appears to be building up a significant head of steam as the unofficial standard for cyber security testing of control and automation systems and industrial networks. Here's the latest-- a press release, not from Wurldtech, but from HIMA Paul Hildebrandt, Wurldtech's customer:

HIMA HIMax System Receives Security Certification by Wurldtech Security Technologies
Certified HIMax System Gives Customers More Robust Security Programs
Vancouver, BC, Canada,  July 14, 2009 — HIMA, a leading designer and manufacturer of safety automation solutions, today announced that its revolutionary HIMAx safety system received security certification by Wurldtech Security Technologies, provider of the award-winning Achilles Platform and other cyber security testing and certification solutions for the critical infrastructure industries.
The HIMax system become the 13th certified control system and joins a long series of functional security-certified controllers that has made the Achilles program the most widely used security certification in industrial automation, addressing emerging cyber threats that are besetting global critical infrastructure.
“For nearly 40 years, HIMA has been a pioneer in producing the most reliable safety instrumented systems, including producing of the very first TÜV Rheinland certified safety system in 1970,” said Stefan Ditting, product manager for HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH + Co KG. “Having the HIMax safety system Achilles-certified by Wurldtech is an important step towards ensuring that HIMA customers have the highest security protection to complement the functional safety protection our systems provide.”
In addition, HIMA has integrated the Wurldtech Achilles testing platform into product development process.
“HIMA will continue to certify its latest safety controllers to maintain the safety, security and reliability of its customers’ industrial operations,” Ditting said. “We believe that Achilles certification of our products will play a major part in helping our customers produce security programs to protect their critical plant infrastructure.
Currently, the Achilles certification is available for all wired or wireless industrial control systems, and certification tests are being developed for every category of IP-enabled network infrastructure.
“Wurldtech is excited and gratified to have our benchmark certification program adopted by so many of the largest suppliers of automation products, including HIMA,” says Wurldtech CEO Tyler Williams. “The Achilles program has become a trusted, low-cost and effective first step to assisting end users to produce and maintain functional security programs. It has allowed us to make a significant contribution to the automation community. We want to make it easy for end users to be able to determine which control system products are secure.”