Uticor Technologies Products

Sept. 10, 2008
Tough, Robust, HALT-HASSed, Stainless Steel, Conformal Coated, Cost Effective, Top of the Line Automation Products for Demanding Applications.

Uticor Technologies new line of Tough & Smart HMI and Marquees (LED based message displays) offer Industrially Robust, Intuitive, High-end SCADA, Uniquely Innovative automation products at a very attractive price. The Toughpanels are a Drop-in Replacement to PV/PV Plus/ QP and offer exclusive Remote Monitoring and Control capabilities. 

Tough SmartMarqueesTM offer the Intelligence of Toughpanels & have Drivers for Most of the PLCs & Networks out there.  For more information on the Uticor line products, “Built like a Tank that will put a Smile on your Face” please visit the link below.

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