Digi ConnectCore Voice Control Software

July 27, 2022

ConnectCore Voice Control is a fully integrated, ready-to use software solution that enables developers to design a voice-based human-machine interface (HMI) and allows users to control device operations with speech. Digi ConnectCore Voice Control provides voice processing on edge devices with no cloud connectivity required. 

The software-only solution supports 30 different languages and a 60,000-word vocabulary, enabling ConnectCore modules to quickly process voice on edge devices. It also includes a complete tool suite to train new commands and generate custom voice-enabled applications. 

Digi’s software development kit is available at no cost and lets engineers create a proof of concept, demonstrate the voice capabilities and design voice-control features for their Digi ConnectCore-based device. The download includes a single software license for evaluation and development to any customer who has purchased a Digi ConnectCore 8M Nano Development Kit previously. For deployment, OEMs purchase additional per-unit licenses.