Laserax LXQ Series

Feb. 7, 2022

The LXQ series is a fiber laser marking system designed for quick integration, speed and reliability. It can create permanent marks including data matrix codes, QR codes, serial numbers, alphanumeric characters and logos. Fiber laser markers range rom 20W to 100W. Two laser heads are available. 2D heads are designed to mark flat surfaces, while 3D heads are used to mark any type of geometry, and can compensate for bended parts, and mark at a 45° angle. Standard and advanced lens configurations are offered. Standard accessories include the air-knife, which prevents dust accumulation on the lens, and class-1 open-air enclosures, which can be integrated to allow for quick laser safety certification. Advanced features include 3D autofocus, which detects part-positioning variations and adjusts marking configuration; and barcode validation, which monitors marking quality right after 2D codes are marked.