Streamline Heating System with ATS Technologies

Nov. 16, 2021

Watlow’s Streamline Heating System featuring Adaptive Thermal Systems (ATS) provides temperature uniformity, a reduced footprint, extensive diagnostics and fast development times when compared to typical systems on a semiconductor tool.

Watlow’s new system is designed to help heating and controlling the thermal processes on the gas lines, forelines and exhaust lines with its ATS technologies, which allow nuisance components to be removed from the heater, and those capabilities and functions are integrated into the EZ-ZONE RMT controller offering closed loop control with integrated over-temperature safety protection for each heater with just two wires. This helps reduce installation errors and provides easier troubleshooting. The need to integrate fewer controllers makes installation quicker and easier, reduces costs and provides a more spatially efficient system.

Other benefits of the system include real-time diagnostics about every heater in the application, connection with industry standard communications protocols including EtherCAT, Ethernet and DeviceNet and compliance to the required industry certifications.