EPLAN now offers full version of eManage

Nov. 4, 2021

The full version of eManage is a fee-based expansion stage of the cloud software designed to enable the first steps toward roundtrip-enabled engineering in automation. Project stakeholders are provided access to all data and documentation relevant to a project, including bills of materials as well as neutral documents in Excel. EPLAN eManage also offers the exchange of system relevant master data that can be retrieved and taken along according to the “pack & go” principle. With the new version of eManage, projects from the EPLAN Platform 2022 can, as an example, be saved to be backwards compatible for e.g. Version 2.9, eliminating the need to maintain multiple versions of the EPLAN software without violating contract terms and ends up simplifying the entire workflow in the supplier environment. The full version increases storage capacity to 20 gigabytes for each “seat” in the company.