MP75, MP200 and MP200-KIT handheld printers

Nov. 1, 2021

The strategic partnership between Panduit and Epson continues with the official launch new MP75, MP200 and MP200-KIT handheld printers. These industrial printers are designed to meet different needs ranging from compact, entry level, economic printers to high performing, advanced solutions. 

The printer solutions are designed for faster development and more sustainable label solutions for customers in industrial and network applications. Not only do these printers contribute to an existing, robust Panduit/Epson printer solution, the cassette systems are transferable to many of the higher end printers within the offering. New features are offered for both printer options and include varying widths, speed and functions that provide the user with a seamless and efficient way to design and print vast label applications. The  MP200 printer specifically, offers an automatic cutting option as well as the capability to print  through Easy-Mark Software connecting through Bluetooth.