ABB Ability Genix Datalyzer

Oct. 25, 2021

ABB’s Datalyzer is a comprehensive, cloud-based modular application that provides real-time status across a fleet of analyzers and plants. Datalyzer collects data from emissions monitoring analyzers which is then routed to an on-site edge device (Micro PC). The edge device sends the relevant information to Datalyzer, which sits in the Microsoft Azure cloud. The application analyzes the data received, transforming it into a concrete information for decision-making.   

The end user receives the information from Datalyzer across three different dashboard views. The first shows the fleet view, the second the plant view and the third a more detailed analyzer view. This combination provides both an ‘at a glance’ vision of the overall emission monitoring equipment status alongside valuable detailed asset parameters. Heatmaps of the installed base, historical trends and systems diagnostics are amongst the key parameters provided.

Datalyzer also offers QAL-3 assessment and reporting, as well as event-based notifications by e-mail. Live analyzer process data together with value added insights and reports are amongst the application’s key features. Historical trends are tracked for as long as five years, uncovering recurring patterns in the equipment performance and providing the platform for predictive maintenance. Adherence to cyber security standards prevent unauthorized access while ensuring data integrity.