Panduit Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) products

Sept. 15, 2021

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is set to revolutionize data accessibility and device control, providing 10x distance, 80x bandwidth and 2x power. The new line of Panduit SPE products enables customers in a variety of markets to take advantage of the benefits of SPE.

Panduit produces a shielded connector called the SP1 Single Pair Ethernet Shielded Plug Connector, which enables edge devices to be efficiently added to the ethernet network using only 1-pair cabling rather than the two- and four-pair cabling systems formerly available. It has a simple three-piece assembly for faster installation. It has a slim LC-style plug profile that can easily fit in tight port spaces. It is also 18 AWG termination capable and can re-terminate up to 20 times.

Panduit also has shielded copper cable that provides high performance as an integral component of SPE network technology. It is standards compliant, reliable with a fully shielded design and packaged on a reel.