icotek's splittable KEL-SNAP-S frame

July 6, 2021

icotek offers the KEL-SNAP frame now as a new splittable version KEL-SNAP-S. The KEL-SNAP-S frames provide a quick and tool-free assembly for the KEL/KEL-U/KEL-QUICK/KEL-FG-A cable entry frames from icotek. Switch cabinets can be equipped with the KEL-SNAP frame in advance by the control manufacturer in order to facilitate subsequent assembly by the machine manufacturer. The BPK-SNAP dummy plates are used when frames are no longer required or should be closed before transport. A seal is already integrated into the KEL-SNAP-S frame on both sides. Because the snap-in frame is splittable, it can also be retrofitted without any problems. If an already installed KEL-SNAP should be modified, it can be replaced by a single frame without having to disconnect all cables that have already been passed through and without having to dismantle the existing KEL. There is no need to thread the cables through the KEL-SNAP-S, as the splittable frame is only snapped together when the cables have already been passed through the cut-out.

46 mm can be selected instead of 36 mm for the cut-out size. Thus prefabricated multi-pin connectors can be used. The drilling pattern is identical to other cable entry strips from icotek, with the exception of the KEL-SNAP-B.

The splittable snap-in frames KEL-SNAP-S from icotek achieve protection class IP 54 (certified according to DIN EN 60529). The approved temperature range is between -40 ° C and + 140 ° C (static).