Beamex upgrades its MC6 calibrator family

June 15, 2021

Beamex announced the launch of an upgrade to its HART-enabled MC6 calibrator and communicator family, which introduces a new firmware version, an upgraded processor board and enhanced HART functionality.

The firmware upgrade includes an upgraded HART DD interpreter to enhance support for existing HART devices and ensure seamless compatibility with future devices. The new firmware can be installed free of charge on any existing MC6 family product with the optional HART communicator functionality. The upgraded main processor board increases the MC6’s computing power and memory capacity, ensuring support for future advanced functionalities. The new main processor board will be gradually introduced for all products in the MC6 family with the exception of the MC6-Ex, which already includes the upgraded board.

Customers with older MC6-family products can also take advantage of an upgrade package from Beamex to replace the main processor board with the upgraded version, allowing them to benefit from the new functionalities it introduces.