icotek CCL cable clamps

March 29, 2021

icotek's new CCL cable clamps are suitable for mounting on all common C-rails with an opening dimension of 16-17 mm. The vibration-proof clamps offer flexible clamping ranges from 6 mm to 50 mm. Individual cables or entire cable bundles can be secured. To prevent the cable shielding from damage, strain relief is provided via the outer cable jacket. The CCL are galvanized and offer a clean, smooth surface. The ideal field of application for the CCL is in switch cabinets to secure cables against pulling. A new integrated plastic “tub” is mounted over the metal slide and can be locked in place to prevent the plastic tub from sliding when subjected to tensile loads. A set with an EMC connection is also available. The CC-LFC set consists of the CCL bracket clip and the LFC EMC.