Watlow’s 1/32 DIN PM LEGACY Controller

Jan. 27, 2021

Watlow recently introduced its new 1/32 DIN PM LEGACY controllers, which the company says are the first 1/32 DIN controllers on the market to incorporate Bluetooth wireless technology. Bluetooth is used to enable EZ-LINK, Watlow’s mobile app for setting up, monitoring and adjusting PM PLUS and PM LEGACY controllers. 

Watlow’s PM LEGACY SERIES panel-mount controllers are industry-leading PID controllers that offer optimal performance utilizing simple control and menu functionality without complex features. They are ideally suited for basic applications and usage levels. 

PM LEGACY controllers include one universal input and an option for as many as two outputs. These controllers can be ordered as PID process controllers or as dedicated over and under-temperature limit controllers. The LEGACY SERIES controllers feature a SMOOTH-TOUCH keypad eliminating contamination points on the front of the controller and creating a better seal on the front panel as well as a function key for simple, one-touch operating of user-defined, repetitive activities. PM LEGACY controllers are backward compatible with EZ-ZONE PM controllers.