MC6-T Multifunction Temperature Calibrator and Communicator

Dec. 18, 2019

The MC6-T is the latest member of the Beamex MC6 family. The device can provide high accuracy reference measurements and simulations for: temperature, pressure, and electrical signals such as resistance, mA, mV, V, pulses and frequency together with HART, Profibus PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus communicator. 

Additional features include combination of superior temperature, metrological performance, shortened calibration cycle time and special design consideration for immunity to environmental conditions. It also offers the capability to calibrate short and flanged sanitary sensors. Typically, this is not possible with traditional temperature dry-blocks. The MC6-T is available in two different models: MC6-T150 for low temperature applications and the MC6-T660 for higher temperature calibrations.

By combining the MC6-T with Beamex software the temperature calibration process will be fully automated. With this kind of integrated calibration solution, the time spent on calibration can be decreased as much as 50%.