TrendMiner 2019.R2 introduces DashHub

Aug. 8, 2019
TrendMiner's dashboard and reporting module provides actionable, visual representation of operational performance data.

The second software update of TrendMiner 2019.R2 introduces DashHub, a dashboard and reporting module that provides actionable, visual representation of operational performance data. The release also includes new features and enhancements based on user feedback. DashHub offers multiple trend views in combination with specific views of contextual operational performance data as well as monitoring of process behaviors related to specific KPIs. Users can easily switch between available dashboards or create new dashboards with trend or context item tiles. In addition to notifications, dashboards can be used to assess operational performance and prioritize which parts of a process require attention, and then directly investigate process anomalies, production losses or equipment inefficiencies. 

Additionally, users can now jump between the graphical views of TrendHub and the contextual views of ContextHub at will. Context items can be visualized directly within their respective trend views, and conversely, context items in ContextHub can be used to directly access their respective trend views with a simple push of a button. Also new in 2019.R2 is the ability for context item information such as quality results, batch numbers, or results from third-party systems to be added through flexible field creation. Other notable enhancements include: event frames synced from the OSIsoft PI System enriched with corresponding attribute data, extended reporting capabilities, and more filter options and the ability to configure columns within the table view in ContextHub.