EMC spring-loaded shield brackets SKZ with integrated strain relief

Jan. 18, 2019

EMC shield clamps from icotek are used for the safe dissipation of high-frequency interference, and are enhanced by the SKZ shield version. The new SKZ offers an additional integrated strain relief. The strain relief is accomplished via the cable outer sheath and it also protects the cable shield, it is mechanically designed for tensile forces. Strain relief from the cable shield can cause damage, even to the individual cores. icotek’s new shield terminal can be mounted on DIN rails, 10-by-three bus bars, C-rails and with one screw on mounting plates in a very user-friendly way. The clamping ranges are between 3-8 mm and 4-13.5 mm. icotek also offers the MSKL series with large clamping ranges of 3-12 mm and 8-18 mm, which can be mounted directly on DIN rail, bus bar and C-rail.