Watlow's EZ-LINK Mobile App

April 9, 2018
Walow also adds option for Bluetooth to 1/16 DIN EZ-ZONE products

Watlow launched its EZ-LINK mobile app and added an option for Bluetooth wireless technology to 1/16 DIN EZ-ZONE PM products. Used together, the additions make setting up, monitoring and adjusting 1/16 DIN EZ-ZONE PM controllers and limits easy. EZ-LINK is a free app available for Apple and Android devices and provides access to the controller’s parameters with fully spelled-out names in plain text with help topics that explain each parameter and option. The app provides wireless access to controllers from as far as 70 feet (21.3 meters) away. When connected to a controller, the app’s dashboard view displays as many as 20 parameters, which can be chosen and configured by the user. The all parameters featured in the app let users set up the controller’s inputs, control settings, alarms, outputs and other features and functions. The app works with all Watlow 1/16 DIN EZ-ZONE PM controllers and limits with Bluetooth communication. Watlow’s EZ-ZONE PM controllers without Bluetooth technology are still available.