Pentair's Steinhauer ModCenter Series

Jan. 21, 2015
Steinhauer ModCenter Series of Automated Machining Centers, Designed for Panel Builders, OEMs, Systems Integrators or Any Company Requiring Customized Enclosures, is the Newest Brand to Enter the Pentair Stable.

Steinhauer ModCenter series of automated machining centers, designed for panel builders, OEMs, systems integrators or any company requiring customized enclosures, is the newest brand to enter the Pentair stable. ModCenter offers enclosure modification capabilities that help reduce labor-intensive manual work, increase productivity and enable quicker delivery. ModCenter automates time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks required for customizing panels and enclosures, such as drilling holes, taping and measuring for correct placement. It accommodates a wide range of global enclosure dimensional standards. The machine offers programmed automated modifications for a variety of materials, including mild-carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, die-cast aluminum, copper or any machinable composite materials. It also features Auto-Sketch software that integrates seamlessly with industry-standard CAD DXF files to ensure precise holes and cutouts.