Red Lion Controls' Advanced Operator Panels

July 8, 2014
Graphite HMIs Let Users Monitor and Control Their Application via PCs, Tablets or Smartphones

Red Lion Controls' new Graphite series of advanced operator panels, with all cast-aluminum construction,  provide first rugged HMI solution to combine a wide range of versatile plug-in modules with protocol conversion, data logging and web-based monitoring and control.

With models in sizes ranging from 7” to 15”, the sleek Graphite bezels provide a relatively large display given their overall dimension. Both the 7” and 10” HMIs are available as sunlight visible models. Combined with Graphite’s rugged packaging and flexible plug-in modules, these models are ideal for harsh outdoor environments and support operating temperatures ranging from -20° and 60°C.

Using a built-in web server, Graphite HMIs enable users to monitor and control their application via PCs, tablets or smartphones. SMS text-messaging and email alerts provide early warning of process issues, which helps to avoid costly downtime. In addition, its built-in protocol converter allows programmers to select 13 or more simultaneous protocols from a list of over 300 to seamlessly integrate disparate devices such as PLCs, drives, barcode readers and panel meters.