Siemens Compact CNC Solutions - Sinumerik 828D

Feb. 20, 2014

The Sinumerik 828D BASIC T is designed to address the needs of shopfloor turning machines. It combines CNC, PLC, operator panel and axis control for five axes/spindles, including live tooling.  Milling and drilling operations on a turning machine, both for face and peripheral surfacing, are therefore possible. In tandem with the new Sinamics S120 Combi drives package, the 828D BASIC T represents a new level of efficiency and virtually maintenance-free operation, as the fans, hard disks and batteries of past CNC generations have been eliminated.

The new Sinumerik 828D BASIC M class features the same quality performance as the T class, but for use on milling machines. Even in complex moldmaking operations, mirror-smooth surfacing and reduced machining times are enabled.  Combining it with the Sinamics S120 Combi drives package and Simotics feed and spindle motors, the 828D BASIC T will operate a milling machine at the highest level of performance possible. Superior axis and spindle dynamics within a broad speed bandwith yield quality workpieces, every time.

The Sinumerik 828D is capable of full graphical, high-level language command and supports ISO programming that is customary in the United States. This control family is ideal for single-part and small-batch production. Programming time can be further reduced for small-batch production with the use of the ShopMill and ShopTurn graphical workstep programming systems, while high-level language programming can be used in conjunction with programGuide to significantly reduce programming times for large-scale serial production.

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