Mitsubishi's EcoWebServer III - Web-based Energy Data Collection Solution

Jan. 6, 2014
Web-based Energy Data Collection Solution Simplifies Energy Management in Industrial Plants and other Commercial Facilities

EcoWebServer III provides visible management of energy usage by sharing energy consumption data over the web via a company's intranet or other information layer network.  It includes a configuration wizard for easy set up, and displays visualizations through a web-based interface for historical energy bar graphs. The information can be tracked by minutes, hours, days, months or years. Additionally, the energy data collection server can provide this energy information via FTP or notification by email.

Key functions of EcoWebServer III include:

  • Manages use of electricity, gas, steam, air, water and other energy resources
  • Provides high quality energy visualizations through web-based interface
  • Offers easy set up, with no PLC programming knowledge required
  • Supports various plant network architectures such as CC-Link and Ethernet, and serves energy dashboard to Intranet or company information layer network
  • Eliminates many IT-related integration issues
  • Makes energy management simple, straightforward, and scalable

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