Westermo EN 50155 Power-over-Ethernet switches

Sept. 20, 2012
The EN 50155 switches provide reliable Power-over-Ethernet networks for on-board railway applications

To meet the growing demand for communication networks on-board railway rolling stock, Westermo has introduced two compact and rugged Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) switches that support video, LCDs and wireless LAN access points. The Viper-112-P8 and Viper-212-P8 twelve-port (8 PoE and 4 standard Ethernet) managed switches, support the IEEE 802.3at 'plug-and-play' PoE communications standard. The Viper switches deliver up to 66W of power across their 8 PoE ports. The Viper isolates the input dc voltage from the connected devices to protect them from power surges. Specifically designed to meet the full requirements of the on-board rail vehicle market, the Viper switches deliver improved levels of reliability and simplified network design, installation and maintenance.

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