SEL's Latest Module and Protocol, the SEL-2240 Axion

March 29, 2012
Modules and Protocols Add Flexibility and Control or its RTU or PLC platform
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) today announced new modules and protocols for its remote terminal unit (RTU) or programmable logic control (PLC) platform, the SEL-2240 Axion. Customers can now order low-voltage power supplies, four-slot backplanes, dual four-slot backplanes, and IEC 61850 GOOSE. The low-voltage power supply supports 24/48 Vdc sources. The pre-existing high-voltage power supplies support 125/250 Vdc or 120/240 Vac in the same unit. The four-slot and dual four-slot backplanes are useful for creating small distributed control systems. Both the Axion RTAC module and the SEL-3530 RTAC now support IEC 61850 GOOSE with up to 120 receive and 48 transmit messages, for greater flexibility in integrating a variety of intelligent electronic devices (IEDs).