AutomationDirect's Bryant Wiring Devices Now Includes Wiring Cord Grips

May 28, 2012
AutomationDirect has extended its line of Bryant wiring devices to include wire and cable grips, strain reliefs, support grips, and pull grips.

Bryant cord strain relief grips are used to connect cable enclosures and industrial equipment and prevent cable pullout at the point of termination. When used in conjunction with bus drop support grips and safety springs, the devices are an integral part of an overall cord support and strain relief system. Deluxe strain relief grips, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, are corrosion resistant and feature endless stainless steel wire mesh weave to provide easy installation and arc-of-bend control; grips are designed with aluminum fittings and oil-tight, water-tight and dust-tight neoprene bushings. The deluxe cord strain relief grips accommodate a cable diameter range of 0.187 in. to 1.687 in.

Dust-tight strain reliefs are designed for use in bus drop grip systems, motor connections, panel boards and internal wiring of machines. The dust-tight grippers are constructed of galvanized steel mesh, and are offered in models for use with cable diameters from 0.32 in. to 1.70 in. Designed for indoor use only.

Standard duty support grips, for indoor and outdoor use, are applied to vertical or horizontal runs of cable or service lines to support dead weight. Designed with strand equalizers to reinforce gripping strength and distribute loads equally, standard duty grips accommodate 0.54 in. to 1.74 in. cable diameter ranges.

Light duty bus drop support grips, for indoor use, support flexible cable where it connects electrical equipment to bus duct. The single variable weave grips are made of galvanized steel for additional holding power in abrasive environments and attach to 0.24 in. to 1.25 in. cable diameter ranges.

Galvanized steel low-tension pulling grips are ideal for use in utility work, industrial and commercial building service lines, and underground transmission line stringing. The single weave variable mesh provides uniform positive grip power while protecting lines from abrasion. The reusable grips are fitted with a flexible eye which easily attaches to pulling line snake or fish tape. The low-tension pulling grips are available for  0.25 in. to 1.74 in. cable diameters.
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