GarrettCom's Gigabit Switch Magnum 12KX

July 13, 2011
It supports complex, data-heavy industrial networking applications
GarrettCom's first Gigabit-only switch comes with advanced bandwidth capacity, is a workhorse backbone switch with applications in all four of GarrettCom's target markets: power utilities, surveillance and security, transportation, and heavy industry. With Layer 3 switching capability, based on high-performance routing using Layer 3 addressing information, the 12KX will more rapidly route large amounts of data in applications using complex networking techniques such as VLANs or multicast routing strategies. The GarrettCom Magnum 12KX Gigabit Managed Switch can be used in combination with Magnum 10KT Managed Switches and Magnum 10ETS Managed Terminal Servers. The Magnum 12KX Switch is substation hardened, withstanding harsh industrial environments with high EMI. It has a non-blocking switching fabric to provide wire-speed performance on all ports, has an option to configure four ports for PoE, uses sealed-box convection cooling, and has optional single or dual internal power supplies. The 12KX switch can be synchronized via SNTP or IEEE 1588 v2 precision timing, the latter of which ensures accuracy within 30 ns on all ports. It addresses a variety of applications with environmental certifications including IEC 61850 and RoHS compliancy, and has low voltage DC as well as worldwide AC/DC voltage power input options.