Emerson's Marine Bunker Measurement System

June 8, 2011
Emerson introduces globally certified, mass-based measurement system for marine bunkering

Emerson's Micro Motion Certified Marine Bunker Measurement Solution is the first traceable, transparent, mass-based measurement system with third-party certification for heavy fuel oil (HFO) bunkering. Installed on a vessel, barge, or at a terminal, the Certified Marine Bunker Measurement Solution monitors the bunker delivery, reports final totals, and provides a ticket that can be used for custody transfer. This globally-certified bunker custody transfer system meets international standards and provides highly accurate, transparent bunker fuel deliveries that will minimize the number of disputes between barge operators and ship operators, while enabling operators to very accurately monitor fuel and improve operational efficiencies. The Certified Marine Bunker Measurement System can be installed on either barges or the vessel itself. The system has been specifically designed to handle high viscosity, aerated liquids and offers an overall accuracy within 0.5% of mass.