PULS's 60W Power Supplies

March 7, 2011
60W Power Supplies with -40 degree C Operating Temperature
PULS's 60W power supplies offers either a standard operating temperature range or one with an extended low range down to -40°C. The standard version offers all the same features of the other second generation low wattage products: Universal wide range input, very high efficiency up to 89.7%, very low no load losses of less than 0.45W, large screw terminals that accept up to 10AWG wire, NEC Class 2 approved and an operating temperature range of -10°C to +60°C. The extended low range is identical to the standard version with the exception of a designed input stage that allows full operation down to -40°C. Both ML60 ranges are offered in either a 12-15VDC or 24-28VDC adjustable output voltage and are housed in a compact 45mm wide housing.