APG's LOE Web-Enabled Ultrasonic Level Sensors

Feb. 28, 2011
Web-Enabled Ultrasonic Sensors Deliver Affordable Remote Tank or Vessel Monitoring

These self-contained ultrasonic sensors provide a low-cost, tailored sensing solution for monitoring liquids or solids in remote tanks, and can also be used for local tank monitoring applications. LOE ultrasonic sensors feature Power Over Ethernet (POE) for easy wiring, AutoSense software for hassle-free operation, and can be easily programmed and configured remotely – without requiring any configuration software – via APG’s www.levelandflow.com website, and locally via the sensor's embedded web page.  Sensor level data is transmitted to a dedicated website that utilizes an open-source MySQL database format to ensure user data is available in any format that might be required of the application. Three models are available.  The LOE-2126 provides a detection range of 1 to 25 ft., the LOE-3136 provides a detection range of 1.5 to 40 ft., and the LOE-6126 provides a detection range of 4 in. to 180 in.  The LOE-6126 delivers a best-in-class blanking distance of just 1 in., compared to 4 in. for most other competitive sensors, which uniquely enables a single sensor to monitor the entire tank or vessel range.