Electro-Chemical Devices' CSX2 Conductivity Sensorfrom

Dec. 30, 2010
The new CSX2 Conductivity Sensorfrom Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) offers maximum reliability and a dramatically increased usable lifetime forharsh industrial processes.

The Model CSX2 is a two-electrode sensor that measures electrolytic conductivity at a range of 1.0-50,000 µS. It is designed for high temperature service up to 200°C at pressures of 250 psig. At temperatures below 100°C, the CSX2 is rated for pressures up to 400 psig. 

The Model CSX2 features rugged construction with a 316 stainless steel outer body and center electrode, separated by a PEEK® (poly ether ether ketone) internal insulator. All possible leak paths are double-sealed with EPR O-rings for maximum on-stream reliability. Industrial hot water processes are a severe environment for any elastomer, and the EPR front O-ring seals bear the brunt of the chemical attack to allow the back seals to remain relatively unaffected.

The CSX2 features a weather-resistant aluminum junction box that allows easy access to the terminal strip or the signal conditioner. The junction box is both explosion-and weatherproof and features a 0.75-inch FNPT connection. It includes a low temperature (80°C) 0.5-inch polyamide cable gland with reducer bushing.