Scalable remote terminal unit

Aug. 11, 2010
RC500 RTU features easy integration with SCADA products to solve complex automation challenges in industries such as oil & gas,

The RC500 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) from Honeywell is a modular and scalable controller that easily integrates with SCADA technology to give industrial manufacturers tighter control of remote operations. The RC500 is designed to withstand harsh environments and is ideal for remote automation needs, such as those found in oil and gas applications. It also can operate using minimal electricity, making it suitable to run on solar power and for providing continuous monitoring of remote, fixed assets.

RC500's open communication platform integrates seamlessly with Honeywell's Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS). When combined with Experion's SCADA products, the RC500 helps facilities more effectively manage complex remote automation and control applications, such as gas flow metering, data concentrator and communications integration, well-head control, pump and compressor control, block-valve automation and gas stations, leading to a lower total cost of ownership.

With its embedded Linux platform, the RC500 RTU line features models with flexible communication ports and protocol options enabling facilities to easily and cost-effectively expand the system. It also supports industry standard protocols Modbus and DNP3. in addition, RC500 is capable of peer-to-peer I/O transfers, making it ideal for transferring and sharing information between devices in a large network.

Other key features include data-logging capabilities with the option to record I/O values and log them into data files. This means critical data from the field is not missed and is available for analysis. Facilities can easily retrieve the data files and then display them using many applications making the process simple and cost-effective.

The RC500 also features self-resetting fuses, an independent watchdog function for health monitoring and an Ethernet I/O-2 module that delivers the best price per output across all common control applications.

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