A few good terminal blocks

July 7, 2010
Select Dinnector products available in smaller quantities.
In keeping with its objective to provide the best value in industrial control products, AutomationDirect now offers a selection of popular terminal-block mounted supplementary protectors, ground terminal blocks, end brackets and DIN rail in smaller quantities.DINnector resettable supplementary protectors are now available in single-piece and 20 packs. Supplementary protector prices start at $10 for single pieces.A selection of screw-type terminal block sockets for the protectors, with and without LED indicators, can now be purchased in both five-packs and 50-pack quantities, starting at $7 for a five-pack. Terminal block spacers and separators are available in 10-packs and 50-packs, starting at $3.Ground terminal blocks rated for size six to 10 AWG wire are available in quantities of 10 and 50, starting at $24 (10/PK).DIN rail can now be purchased in packs of two as well as boxes of 10. The 1-meter pieces start at $6 for a two-pack. End brackets are also available in 10-packs and 50-packs, starting at $6.50 (10/PK).