Mass spectrometer for gas analysis

May 27, 2010
Prima PRO sets new standard in petrochemical applications, offering unparalleled control, speed and precision.
The Thermo Scientific Prima PRO is a next-generation process mass spectrometer for online gas analysis in petrochemical applications. Designed using advanced physical property modeling software, the Prima PRO sets a new standard for online gas analysis by offering more complete, precise and faster gas composition analysis, along with lower maintenance requirements, than gas chromatography systems. The Prima PRO was recently awarded the 2010 Innovative Product of the Year by the International Society of Automation (ISA) Analysis Division executive committee at their Spring Symposium.The Prima PRO is designed for a number of petrochemical applications including polyethylene and ethylene manufacturing. The ability of the Prima PRO to handle multiple gas process streams, even in the most challenging environments, offers benefits beyond exceptional control and increased yield. Higher efficiencies translate to lower energy consumption, greater product consistency and enhanced process safety. In addition, the new Thermo Scientific Sentinel PRO is designed to monitor the environment around a process and alert technicians if a toxic emission or leak is detected, ultimately increasing worker safety and improving regulatory compliance. In addition, a single system can, on average, do the job of 10 gas chromatographers, which lowers total cost of ownership and maintenance expenses. Both the Prima PRO and Sentinel PRO only require an annual four-hour maintenance session that can be performed without any special training.