T-slot magnetic field sensors

May 27, 2010
The BMF 235 magnetic field sensor is designed to fit a wide variety of T-slots. Cylinder positions can be detected on virtually any aluminum-walled pneumatic cylinder with integral T-slots, including short-stroke cylinders and grippers. The GMR (Giant Magnetoresistive) electronic sensor features an extremely short 23-mm housing and an ultra bright LED for easy diagnostics.The BMF 235 easily drops into the T-slot from above and is secured using a standard screwdriver or an Allen wrench. The sensor installs flush in the slot with nothing protruding for safe secure mounting in space restrictive applications. A cable clip is provided with the sensor for strain relief and ease of cable routing.This mini-sensor features high accuracy, short over-travel and low hysteresis. The BMF 235 is available in PNP normally open and normally closed versions in a tough IP67 housing, each with cable or pigtail M8 or M12 connectors.  The BMF 235 is available in Balluff’s  V-Twin version of two sensors and only one connector (M8 or M12).