Phoenix Contact's Nanonavigator

Feb. 22, 2010
The new nanoNavigator 2.0
The new nanoNavigator 2.0, for use with Phoenix Contact's nanoLine controller, adds relay ladder logic (RLL) programming in addition to the easy-to-program flow chart language in the original version. nanoNavigator 2.0 allows expanded programming flexibility because each project can consist of flowchart and RLL chart sub-projects. These can be composed of any combination of flowcharts or RLL charts up to a maximum of 16 charts. nanoNavigator 2.0 is backwards-compatible with all existing nanoLine base stations as of FW 101. The RLL language is well suited for simple parallel processing tasks, such as lighting control, while flowchart programming offers easier handling of more advanced instructions. nanoNavigator is free to download from